Fluid Bed Dryer

M.D. Fluid Bed Dryer

A Fluid Bed Dryer is designed for fast and uniform drying of powders, crystals and medium sized pellets. Fresh air is drawn in by means of a fan. The air is then passed through a filter and heated to produce warm air by use of electric heaters. If the product contains a solvent or inflammable substances, the dryer must be operated using steam and provided with a flame-proof motor.

The heated air passes through the product container which has diffuser plates and a sieve. Due to the stream of air, the wet product gets fluidised. The material gets surrounded by the hot air and gets dried due to heat transfer. Moist air passes through a filter bag and an exhaust duct. The Fluid Bed dryer is not suitable for drying of liquids or pastes.

We are manufacturing wide range of GMP /NON GMP Vacuum Tray Dryer from 10 -500 kg capacity in  Stainless steel grade 304&316.

Manufacturing Standard

We are manufacturing as per  ASME, C GMP, BIS, DIN Standard Codes for high quality job performance.

Internal Inspection & Documentation System

Equipment will be internal inspected by our Q.C engineer with complete internal record of inspection & Quality Inspection documentation.

Finishing & Painting

All inner & outer Surface of vessel are  Prepared  as per GMP /NON-GMP Standard where  required. All M.S. Parts will be painted with two coat of enamel paint after surface preparation & one coat of red oxide painting.

Application of Fluid Bed Dryer

Pharmaceuticals ,Bulk Drugs, Dyes , Pesticides ,Chemicals & Food product etc.