Heat Exchanger


We are manufacturing wide range of GMP /NON GMP  Heat Exchanger  from  1 square meter to 500  square meter capacity in Stainless steel  grade 304, 304L, 316, 316L, Carbon Steel , Alloy Steel, Mild steel  (IS : 2062). Heat Exchanger are extensively used to transfer heat energy from one medium (fluid, liquid and gas) to another medium (fluid, liquid and gas) without mixing them. We design and develop heat exchangers as per application and requirement of customer. Special corrugated tube design heat exchangers increase the heat transfer area with the same quantity of tubes thus reducing the initial costs. The corrugated design also helps in breaking the scaling by creating turbulence in the fluid flow.


Manufacturing Standard

We are manufacturing as per TEMA, ASME, IS Standard  Codes for pressure vessels to perform high quality equipment.


Heat exchanger  shell  & bundle will be hydro & pneumatic leak test on desire pressure after completion the fabrication.

Internal Inspection & Documentation System

Internal inspection is carried out for design data & specification as per approved drawing & doucumentation is prepaired accordingly.

Finishing & Painting

All inner & outer Surface of vessel are  Prepared  as per GMP /NON GMP Standard where  required. All M.S. Parts will be painted one coat of red oxide primer after surface preparation &  two coat of enamel paint.

Application of Heat Exchanger

Pharmaceuticals & Bulk Drugs, Distilleries & Beverages, Dyes & Chemicals, Pesticide & Insecticide, Dairies & Food product, Petro Chemicals, Fertilizers, Intermediates, Refineries, Power plants  & Allied Industries etc.